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Message from Jennifer Church, ASA MWC President

This marks the last Friday of my Presidency, which makes me a little sad, but what an honor and a fantastic opportunity this past year has been for me!

It has truly been a pleasure to serve as the President of the ASA Midwest Council, I hope I served you well. What a fantastic organization to be a part of.

Thank you to our members for your support and commitment. I think we have made some progress this year and will continue to push forward in things that matter to our members.

Thank you to the past presidents, the board of directors, and the committee chairs and co-chairs, you all did an amazing job, and I thank you for all your time and effort. Each of you have my sincere gratitude and appreciation. Special thank you to Susan for making it look like I knew what I was doing.  Great job as usual!

You all are in good hands with your new executive officers ; Tom Henson, Rich Russell, Chris Sauer, and Mark O’Donnell. Good luck in the year ahead.

Thank you again,
Jennifer Church
United Rentals
ASA Midwest Council President
[email protected]


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