Fiscal Year is July 1 to June 30.

New Members:

  • All potential members applying for membership shall meet the requirements per by-laws.
  • All members applying for membership must present membership application and check. An applicant is not a member until payment has been received.
  • If a member checks “yes” to the following question, the application must be presented to the board for approval: “Is applicant owned or controlled in whole or in part by a General Contractor, A/E Firm, Construction Manager, Construction Owner or by any individual(s) who are owners or directors of same?
  • All new members will pay one full year of dues up front and receive a pro-rated invoice the second year.
  • A Change in Membership Form must be sent to National.
  • Report the new member on the Dues Summary Report and submit payment before the 15th of the following month.

Renewing Members:

  • All renewing members shall receive an invoice for the next fiscal year by May 31.
  • Pro-rated invoices for members who joined during the fiscal year will be mailed by May 31.
  • Dues invoices will be mailed with a letter from the president.
  • All dues invoices and applications must have the amount that is non-deductible due to legislative lobbying activities. This amount shall be given to the ED by the chapter Treasurer.
  • When payment is received, ED shall enter the payment in QuickBooks and deposit check.
  • A spreadsheet will be kept of all dues collected with their reporting dues summary month.

Collection Policy:

  • All invoices must be paid by July 1.
  • A past due letter is sent on July 31. Another past due letter is sent on August 31. All members are dropped after September 15 if dues have not been received.
  • At the July, August and September board meetings, all unpaid dues are distributed to the board and membership committee. A call list is devised by board members and committee members.