ASA Midwest Council is a construction trade association of specialty contractors and suppliers serving the construction industry and the community. Our purpose is to improve the construction process through education, advocacy, and collaboration.

Dues Collection Policy

Fiscal Year is July 1 to June 30.

New Members:

  • All potential members applying for membership shall meet the requirements per by-laws.
  • All members applying for membership must present membership application and check. An applicant is not a member until payment has been received.
  • If a member checks “yes” to the following question, the application must be presented to the board for approval: “Is applicant owned or controlled in whole or in part by a General Contractor, A/E Firm, Construction Manager, Construction Owner or by any individual(s) who are owners or directors of same?
  • All new members will pay one full year of dues up front and receive a pro-rated invoice the second year.
  • A Change in Membership Form must be sent to National.
  • Report the new member on the Dues Summary Report and submit payment before the 15th of the following month.

Renewing Members:

  • All renewing members shall receive an invoice for the next fiscal year by May 31.
  • Pro-rated invoices for members who joined during the fiscal year will be mailed by May 31.
  • Dues invoices will be mailed with a letter from the president.
  • All dues invoices and applications must have the amount that is non-deductible due to legislative lobbying activities. This amount shall be given to the ED by the chapter Treasurer.
  • When payment is received, ED shall enter the payment in QuickBooks and deposit check.
  • A spreadsheet will be kept of all dues collected with their reporting dues summary month.

Collection Policy:

  • All invoices must be paid by July 1.
  • A past due letter is sent on July 31. Another past due letter is sent on August 31. All members are dropped after September 15 if dues have not been received.
  • At the July, August and September board meetings, all unpaid dues are distributed to the board and membership committee. A call list is devised by board members and committee members.

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