ASA Midwest Council is a construction trade association of specialty contractors and suppliers serving the construction industry and the community. Our purpose is to improve the construction process through education, advocacy, and collaboration.

Whistle-Blower Policy

Adopted by The Board of Directors June 21, 2006 

The Midwest Council demands the highest ethical conduct from its volunteers, contractors and paid staff, including compliance with all federal, state and local laws and the Association’s own policies and procedures. If any member, contractor or employee is aware of any such breach or potential breach of such law, policy or procedure with respect to the Midwest Council, he/she should bring such problem to the attention of the Association president. If the problem is not resolved after discussion with the Association president or if he/she feels that discussion with the Association president is inappropriate, he/she is encouraged to approach another officer of the Association, Executive Director or Chapter Attorney. The Midwest Council will not tolerate any form of retaliation against an individual who avails him/herself of this procedure. The procedure should not be construed, however, as preventing, limiting or delaying the Association from taking any disciplinary action against any individual, where the Association deems disciplinary action is appropriate.

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