ASA Midwest Council is a construction trade association of specialty contractors and suppliers serving the construction industry and the community. Our purpose is to improve the construction process through education, advocacy, and collaboration.

ASA Midwest Council Safety Committee The ASA Midwest Council Safety Committee is tasked with keeping abreast of all current safety issues that affect our members, and the construction industry as a whole. The Safety Committee conducts quarterly Safety Training at either a significantly reduced rate or for FREE to ASA Subcontractor Members. Annual Safety Awards […]


As a reminder, the MoDOT Traveler Information Map and a free mobile app version, report winter road condition information for Missouri state highways.

Go beyond the first glance. Zoom in on the map to see conditions ahead during breaks from the road.

And when pavement shows the first sign of slickness, find a warm, safe place to pull over and wait for safer driving conditions.

After all, the most important item in any truck sits behind the steering wheel..

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