Does your company utilize a Daily Task Hazard Analysis Form?

By Mike Sicking, Safety International

Many larger construction projects are requiring their subcontractors to utilize a Daily Task Hazard Analysis Form. Although it is viewed by many as just another worthless piece of paperwork to be completed, used properly this can be an invaluable tool and money saver for the subcontractor.

Everybody in the construction field has a tendency to focus on the hard dollars of a project such as labor hours and material expense. Often overlooked is the internal cost control of poor daily planning and injury related expenses. It should also be noted that your Insurance company and corporate lawyer will love you for using and permanantly documenting this form for future use.

I am working with several companies who use different variations of this form and I have designed several types to meet their specific needs. The underlying factor that they all share is that it aids the foreman in the pre-planning process. A good task hazard analysis will share these basic components.

1. A jobsite visual inspection for safety hazards before the work shift

2. An inventory of PPE and safety equipment needed for the day’s planned task.

3. As the foreman goes through the task sheet it causes him to pre-plan for the daily planned activities rather than getting halfway through the day and realizing he needed a special piece of equipment to do the job and now he has to try to get it as soon as possible.

4. A talk with the workers so that they understand what their job task are for the day and to be made aware of the proper PPE needed and safety hazards involved.

5. A signature by each worker that they were made aware of their job task, understand what the safety hazards are, and agree to follow company safety rules at all times throughout the day.

  • ( Number 5 is very important when a worker later claims an injury and stated that he or she  was not properly trained or made aware of the potential safety hazards that existed)

If you have any further questions about this please feel free to call or e-mail me.

As always, Work safe!

Michael Sicking

Safety International