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Let’s Get Missouri Moving Again with New Roads, Bridges & Jobs

Let’s Get Missouri Moving Again
Yes on 7 on August 5th, 2014 primary ballot.

More Information on Amendment 7:
What is the Temporary Sales Tax Ballot Initiative?

  • A measure to improve Missouri’s roads and bridges through a 3/4th of 1% increase in Missouri sales tax for the next 10 years.
  • Money will only be spent on the improvement of roads, bridges, and other priority transportation projects in Missouri,
  • 90% of the revenue will fund state priority transportation projects through MoDOT, 5% will be given to counties, and the remaining 5% will be given to cities for local transportation projects.
  • All projects completed through MoDOT will be voted on by the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission and completion will be constitutionally guaranteed.
    amendment 7 
    -click here for additional information.

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